Payment Services

Positive Pay System (PPS)

Overview & Benefits
  • To safeguard your hard-earned money against cheque frauds, cloning, photocopy etc. As per RBI guidelines, Our Bank has introduced a Positive Pay System for cheques of ₹2.00 lakhs and above w.e.f. 01.04.2021
  • Under this process, the cheque issuer can submit the cheque details to the branch or through SMS viz. account number, cheque number, issue date, name of the beneficiary/payee, amount, transaction code (2 digit number next to MICR) etc to the drawee bank (TNGB). These details will be cross checked with the presented cheque and honoured after due verification by CTS
  • Cheques issued for ₹2.00 lakhs and above to be mandatorily informed to the home branch / SMS through PPS
PPS Timing
  • Details of issued cheques to be informed to the home branch while issuing the cheque or at least 24 hours before the cheque to be presented in clearing
Rates & Charges
  • NIL
How to give PPS Confirmation?
  • Customers can submit the request for PPS confirmation at Home Branch in the prescribed format for the passing of cheques
  • Customers are informed by SMS on receipt of cheques in clearing
  • Customers can submit PPS By sending SMS in the below prescribed format to the number 9289202222