Clean Loan

  • Any purpose including marriage, education, medical or other domestic expenses. The end use of funds should be strictly for non-speculative purposes.
Age of applicant
  • Entry age is 18 years and exit age is 60 years
  • Salaried : Permanent employees / Confirmed Employees with minimum 2 years of service with Government / Quasi Government organisations, PSUs, Public Sector Banks, Reputed MNCs / Corporates / Universities / Colleges / Academic Institutions / Industrial Establishments etc.
  • Non Salaried : Professionals, Businessmen, Traders, Self Employed with last two years IT Returns.
Take home pay
  • 40% of Gross Income/Pay as Net Take Home Income/Pay post all EMI deductions (existing and proposed) should be available
Loan amount
  • Salaried:10 times of Gross Pay subject to Maximum of `5.00 lakh
  • Non Salaried: 5 times of Gross Income subject to Maximum of `5.00 lakh
Rate of Interest
Period of Loan & Repayment
  • 60 EMIs - No holiday period
Processing charges
  • 1.20 % of limit sanctioned
How to apply
  • Please contact nearest Tamil Nadu Grama Bank’s Branch for more details