Payment Services

Mandate Management System (MMS)

  • MMS allows banks to accept, digitize, process and send the mandate to other banks for acknowledging and registering customer requests on amount and periodicity to debit his account with other bank through NACH
  • TNGB Customers can get credit to their account maintained with us by providing a mandate to Debit from other bank accounts.
  • On the request of customers, the following can be initiated
    • Mandate Creation
    • Mandate Amendment which is Active
    • Mandate Cancellation
  • TNGB as a Destination Bank honours the mandate presented by other Banks/ Financial Institutions to debit our bank accounts.
Periodicity Customers can opt for
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Half yearly
  • As and when presented
  • Recurring payments will be easier
  • On time recurring payments
  • Can issue mandates for a longer period
  • Minimal mandate activation time
Rates & Charges
  • Mandate verification charges: ₹150/-
Application Forms
  • Mandate Registration Form can be submitted to Branch as in Annexure
How to register
  • Please contact your home branch for more details.